6.7 Master of Arts in Urban...
6.7.1 Admission and
Program Length
6.7.2 Degree...

6.7.2 Degree Requirements

Twelve credit hours during a semester, or three credit hours during the winter term, is the minimum program for a full-time student. No student may take more than 20 credit hours during a semester without the permission of the faculty. Not more than five credit hours may be taken during the winter term.

No student will be granted a degree whose cumulative academic average at the completion of the program is lower than 1.80. The degree shall be granted only to persons enrolled at Westminster at the time of the completion of their program of study. A student who has completed requirements by the end of the winter term of the year of graduation may receive the degree in absentia. See the procedure for requesting permission to graduate in absentia in section 5.3.a.

The policies pertaining to all non-native English speakers are the same for all degree programs. See section 5.1.1. Students needing to take PT 031P Advanced Theological Writing must register for the course during their first semester on campus.

International students must be full-time each semester; see section 5.1.2 for the number of semesters allowed to complete the degree program.

Students should be aware that some of the M.A.U.M. courses are offered in the evening hours.

6.7.2.a Required Courses

All students must take the following courses:  

OT 131 Biblical Theology I         3 hrs.
OT 141 Old Testament for Ministry 3 hrs.
NT 133 Biblical Theology II 3 hrs.
NT 143 New Testament for Ministry 3 hrs.
AP 101 Introduction to Apologetics 3 hrs.
ST 131 Survey of Reformed Theology 3 hrs.
CH 131 Survey of Church History 3 hrs.
PT 123 Gospel Communication 2 hrs.
PT 173 Biblical Interpretation 3 hrs.
PT 211 Doctrine of the Church 2 hrs.
PTC 261 Human Personality 3 hrs.
PTM 143 Contextual Theology 2 hrs.
PTM 151 Mission to the City 2 hrs.
PTM 373 Missions & Mercy Ministries 2 hrs.
PTM 671-1 Urban Mission Seminar 1 hrs.
PTM 671-2 Urban Mission Seminar 1 hrs.
PTM 671-3 Urban Mission Seminar 1 hrs.
PTM 671-4 Urban Mission Seminar 1 hrs.
PTM 163 Church Growth & Church Planting 2 hrs.
PTM 171 Mission Anthropology 2 hrs.
PTM 353 Urban Research Methods 1 hr.
SUM PROJ Summative Project 4 hrs.

6.7.2.b Requirements

The M.A. in Urban Mission program is composed of 52 credit hours of course work and a summative project worth 4 hours of credit.

The summative project is intended to aid the student to implement in ministry the insights gained in the course phase. PTM 353 is a one-hour seminar in urban research which should be taken during the same semester as undertaking the project. This seminar is designed to present urban research methods and to assist students in fulfilling the requirements of their approved project.

Projects should be approximately 30-50 pages in length. An excellent project will demonstrate both experiential knowledge in the chosen field of urban ministry and an awareness of the scholarship relevant to the project topic. A current bibliography is essential to the well-written project. Projects will require research in the field. The course requirements are shown on the chart.

6.7.2.c Sample Schedule

The following sample schedule places the courses in proper order, according to the term offered and the prerequisites needed. Students should consult with the Registrar before altering this sample schedule.

Master of Arts in Urban Mission*

*updated May 17, 2011