6.10 Doctor of Ministry
6.10.1 Admission to the
6.10.2 Registration
6.10.3 Degree Requirements
6.10.4 Concentrations

6.10.2 Registration

6.10.2.a Early Registration

Students can register for modules by reviewing course module information on Westminster’s Course Management System, Kees at http://kees.wts.edu, D.Min. Preview Module Guide, and informing the Registrar of their intention at registrar@wts.edu.

6.10.2.b Registration

Students are encouraged to register as early as possible to ensure that all pre-module assignments are completed by the first day of the module. Students must register for D.Min. modules no later than July 15 (see the Academic Calendar if the 15th falls on a weekend). After the registration deadline, late registrations must be approved by the D.Min. program director. If approved, a late fee will apply. Registration is contingent upon receipt of a transcript showing completion of any prerequisite degree. Registration dates are stated in the academic calendar. No student in the D.Min. program is permitted to register after the first day of the module.

6.10.2.c “Drops”, Withdrawals and related issues affecting academic record or enrollment status

All requests to drop or withdraw from a module, withdraw from the program, or any other request that may affect a student’s academic record or enrollment status must be communicated in writing to the Registrar’s Office for consideration of approval. If the Registrar’s Office does not receive written communication, that request will not be recognized by the administration. Written communication may be in the form of email, fax, or letter.

6.10.2.d Incomplete Requests (Requests for extension to complete post-modular assignments)

If extenuating circumstances (unusual and unavoidable circumstances which hinder completion of assigned work) prohibit students from submitting post-modular assignments by the deadline, a grade of incomplete may be requested.

Incomplete Request Petition: In order to request a grade of incomplete, the student must submit to the Registrar’s Office a written petition by the deadline indicated below. The petition must include the extenuating circumstances which warrant an incomplete and written approval from both the professor and Director of the D.Min. program.  (Approvals emailed by the professor and D.Min. director to the Registrar’s Office are acceptable.) Upon receipt of the petition, the Registrar’s Office will seek the appropriate faculty committee approval. If the incomplete request is granted, the student will be assigned a new deadline (up to 4 weeks maximum from the original deadline) to submit all post-modular assignment work.  If the assignment is not submitted by the new deadline, the student will receive a grade of “I/F” for that module. If the request for an incomplete is not granted, the Registrar’s Office will automatically assign a grade of “W” for the module.

The deadline to submit an incomplete petition is December 15 for the PR 1 module only, November 15 for all other August modules, and April 15 for January modules. If a petition is submitted after the deadline, a failing grade of “F” for the module will be assigned.

6.10.2.e Degree Completion Worksheets

A Degree Completion Worksheet (DCW) indicates the requirements necessary to complete a particular degree program and is designed to aid in student academic planning and advising. It is important that students become familiar with and make use of the DCW for their particular D.Min. concentration. DCW’s are available on the Registrar’s Office section of the Seminary’s website.

6.10.2.f Financial Information

Tuition/fee payment for the D.Min. program is based on a yearly fee structure (please see the “Financial Information” section of the catalog). The yearly fee remains the same regardless of the number of modules or credit hours taken in a given academic year.

The deadline to submit the yearly tuition/fee payment is August 1 of each academic year in the program. For more information regarding how to submit payment, please contact the Finance Office.

6.10.2.g Program Length and Time Limit

To be awarded the D.Min. degree, a student must complete eight week-long modules of course work or the equivalent, and complete an Applied Research Project. The course work is designed to meet the needs of busy ministry professionals. As such, students enrolled in the D.Min. program are considered to be engaged in part-time study, with a “less than half-time” enrollment status.

The entire D.Min. degree program requires no fewer than three years to complete and can commence in either January or August. The eight modules should be completed in the first three years. The research project should be submitted no later than December 15 of the sixth year of the program.

Students whose programs continue into a fourth year will be charged a continuation fee for that year and any additional approved years.

Time Limit: After six years in the program, the student should have completed all requirements. (Please refer to the Program Length table below)  Ordinarily study extensions are not granted beyond the six-year limit.

D.Min Program Length
Number of
years in
Number of credits
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Su/Fa Wi/Sp Su/Fa Wi/Sp Su/Fa Wi/Sp Su/Fa Wi/Sp Su/Fa Wi/Sp Su/Fa Wi/Sp
5-yrs. 30 9 0 9 0 6, PA PR PR PR PR PROJ (6)

6-yrs. 30 9 0 9 0 6, PA PR PR PR PR PR PR PROJ (6)

PA: Applied Research Project Approval
PR: Applied Research Project Research
PROJ: Applied Research Project
Su/Fa: Summer/Fall
Wi/Sp: Winter/Spring