7. Course Descriptions

7. Course Descriptions

The course codes for all courses are to be interpreted as follows: The letters indicate the department, division within the department, or major: Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Systematic Theology, Apologetics, Practical Theology. (Courses indicated as 'PTC' are primarily counseling courses; 'PTE' are primarily evangelism courses; and 'PTM' are primarily Urban Mission courses.)

Except for D.Min. modules, first digit indicates the level of the course: Studying
0, non-credit course
1-6, M.A., M.A.R., or M.Div. courses
7-9, Th.M. and Ph.D. courses

The letter “p” following a course number indicates that the course is graded on a pass-fail basis.
A hyphenated number is appended to the course number for courses that must be taken more than once. The number identifies how many times the individual student has taken the course, i.e., the second time that a student takes PT 021P, he/she will register for PT 021P-2.

The Seminary reserves the right to add, withdraw, or change courses without prior notice.

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7.4 Systematic Theology 7.5 Apologetics 7.6 Practical Theology
7.7 D.Min. Modules