5.2 Registrar's Office
5.2.1 Students' Privacy
5.2.2 Registrar I
5.2.3 Registrar II

5.2 Registrar's Office

5.2.a MatriculationNew Student Orientation 2011

Matriculation into a particular program occurs upon registration for courses in one’s initial semester (Fall or Spring) in that program or, if registering for a course(s) prior to the initial semester, upon the first day of attending one’s first summer or winter term class.

5.2.b General Registration Information

Registration is contingent upon receipt of an official transcript showing completion of any prerequisite degree. Registration dates are stated in the academic calendar. No student is permitted to register for any course after the first ten days of the semester.

A late registration fee will be charged in the event that a student fails to register at the time designated for that purpose (see section 8.1.c).  If a student does not register during a semester, that student is automatically withdrawn from the Seminary.

Each student is responsible for meeting his or her degree requirements, though the Registrar’s Office staff and faculty advisors will provide information and help.

The student is required to inform the Registrar’s Office of any changes in course registration, at the earliest possible opportunity. Students are to inform the Student Affairs Office of any change of address.

Registrar's Office

5.2.2 Registrar I

5.2.3 Registrar II

5.2.2.a Attendance 5.2.3.a Changing Program or Emphasis
5.2.2.b Academic Standing 5.2.3.b Leave of Absence
5.2.2.c Satisfactory Academic Progress 5.2.3.c Withdrawal/Reinstatement
5.2.2.d Academic Probation 5.2.3.d Special Students
5.2.2.e Dropping and/or Adding Course 5.2.3.e Transfer of Credit
5.2.2.f Withdrawing from Courses 5.2.3.f Auditing
5.2.2.g Course Prerequisites 5.2.3.f4 Church Leader Audit
5.2.2.h Final Examinations/Assignments 5.2.3.g Transcript Requests
5.2.2.i Incomplete Requests
(Extension for Completion of Course Requirements)