Security & Access of Campus & Bookstore Facilities

The size, suburban location, and character of the seminary community promote a sense of safety, and the seminary has enjoyed a good safety and security record for many years. Safety is, however, a joint responsibility. Westminster encourages you to help maintain your own safety by using common sense safety practices such as being aware of your surroundings, exercising caution in walking alone in isolated or poorly lit areas, reporting suspicious activity, and not leaving your car or office unlocked or your personal belongings unattended.

The Cheltenham Township Police Department occasionally patrols the seminary campus and the Horsham Township Police Department the Bookstore’s leased location as part of their routine duties. Cheltenham Township Police has authority over any illegal acts on campus, including campus parking violations and the Horsham Township Police over any illegal acts at the Bookstore’s leased location.

All buildings on campus have fire alarm systems. The fire alarm systems in Machen Hall, Van Til Hall, the Library and Andreas Academic Center, and the Carriage House consist of pull boxes, smoke detectors and heat detectors. All systems are constantly monitored and alert the Fire Department.

The Bookstore’s leased location has an integrated fire alarm system, which consists of pull boxes, heat detectors, fire extinguishers and sprinklers. It has a Silent Knight alarm system, which includes an annunciator panel, audible and visible alarms, and a central alarm control panel.

Everyone is urged to become familiar with the location of emergency exits and fire extinguishers on campus, or, for employees at the Bookstore, at the Bookstore. The Physical Plant Department (215-962-4893; can inform you of the location of fire extinguishers on campus and Bookstore staff of the location of fire extinguishers at the Bookstore.

Other than the annual distribution of these reports as outlined at the beginning of the reports, Westminster does not have programs to inform students and employees about campus and Bookstore security procedures and practices and to encourage students and employees to be responsible for their own security and the security of others.

Specifically for Employees 

Westminster provides a clean, hazard-free, healthy, safe environment in which to work in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. As an employee, you are expected to take an active part in maintaining this environment. It is the responsibility of all employees to learn the location of all safety and emergency equipment, as well as the appropriate safety contact phone numbers.


Machen Hall

  • Third floor, on the wall to the right as you enter the floor
  • Second floor, at the top of the stairs to men’s dorm, on the left
  • First floor, in the kitchen, above the sink to the right
  • Basement, near the cleaning supplies area

Van Til Hall

  • Alcove, across from the bathrooms, with the vending machines and coat rack


  • Copier room on the main level, in the Andreas Center

Carriage House

  • First floor, inside the door to the right at the foot of the stairs to the Loft
  • Loft, at the end farthest from the stairs


Machen Hall

  • Lobby, on the side of the stairs to the second floor

Van Til Hall

  • Alcove, across from the bathrooms, with the vending machines and coat rack


  • Main level, copy room to the right of the circulation desk

Bookstore staff can provide the location of first aid at the Bookstore.

As an employee, you have a duty to comply with the safety rules of Westminster Theological Seminary, assist in maintaining a hazard-free environment, report any accidents or injuries—including any breaches of safety—and report any unsafe equipment, working condition, process, or procedure at once to a supervisor.

Employees may report safety violations or injuries anonymously, if they are not the injured or violating party. No employee will be punished or reprimanded for reporting safety violations or hazards.

Employees are responsible to lock their individual office doors and windows whenever they leave campus. Everyone on campus and at the Bookstore should be safety conscious and follow security procedures.

Security Considerations Used in Maintenance of Campus Facilities 

The Physical Plant Department is responsible for general campus maintenance and safety hazard prevention. The seminary has installed exterior lighting around buildings, parking lots, and sidewalks. While maintaining an attractive campus, the seminary keeps shrubs and hedges low for safety reasons. Anyone noting a potential safety hazard should report it to the Physical Plant Department at 215-962-4893 or The seminary’s Safety Committee is responsible for proposing safety improvements to the campus.