Campus Housing

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Westminster Theological Seminary offers single student housing on its main campus. The dorms are single sex. The one dorm accommodates nine singles in single occupancy rooms. The other dorm accommodates five singles in three single and one double occupancy room.

Rooms will be assigned to incoming students based on: 1) the order in which the housing application and deposit are received (first choices are given to those who send in the application and deposit early), 2) answers to compatibility questions in the housing application and 3) any stated preferences given in the housing application. Priority will be given to students coming from great distances.

The doors to Machen Hall in which the one dorm is located are locked at the close of the business day and remain locked on the weekends. The entrance to the other dorm will be locked at all times. Every dorm room has an individual lock and all windows have locks.

Visitors are not permitted in dorm rooms after 10:00 p.m. or in lounge areas after 12:00 a.m. Same-gender overnight visitors may reside with a dorm resident for two nights only if there is an extra bed available. Beyond two nights, a $20 per night fee will be assessed. Overnight visitors are not allowed without prior approval from the Coordinator for Student Development or the Dean of Students.