The Westminster Choice


A Single Choice for a Lifetime of Ministry

In the time of only a few years, what you study in your seminary education will shape the rest of your life and ministry. The faculty, the lectures, the reading lists, the study groups, the internships...everything will dramatically shape your understanding of the gospel and your effectiveness in ministry. Not only then is it a profound opportunity, but it is also a critical choice. The character of your ministry will follow the character of your seminary education.

The most important decision then you can make for your ministry is to challenge yourself with an education that attains to the quality and goals of the ministry the Bible requires of us. Scripture cautions us with the high responsibilities of the calling of ministry (James 3:1; Acts 20:27–28), and confronts us with the critical role of right theology for the sake of effective ministry (1 Tim 4:6–7, 16).

Many factors matter in committing to seminary. Location matters. Costs matter. Time matters. Westminster offers convincing value in each of these. But more than these, content matters, because it is the only factor you take to your flock. It is the quality of faculty and theological training that matter above all, because they will shape your teaching, preaching, counseling, study, and ministry for all the decades that follow.  

Rigorous Training for a Rigorous Calling

To choose Westminster is to choose a curriculum that since 1929 has been devoted to applying the highest-quality, reformed scholarship to the task of ministry. Several, fundamental principles underlie the curriculum:

Will you choose a thoroughly exegetical program?

At Westminster, nearly every degree requires students to be equipped to work in the uniqueness of the biblical languages. This requirement is not only necessary for New Testament and Old Testament classes, but it is also required for the rest of the disciplines—apologetics, systematic theology, preaching, and the others. The aim of our instruction is for all of your ministry to be shaped by the careful exegesis of God’s Word.

Will you choose a thoroughly integrated program?

At Westminster, the theology of each of our departments depends on the others. Because each discipline derives its content and methodology from Scripture, then each discipline will necessarily draw on, as well as inform, all the others. The content and character of your apologetics courses will shape your counseling courses. You will become a better preacher while in your church history courses. You will become a better Old Testament exegete in your systematic theology courses. Our goal is that your whole education, and therefore your whole ministry, is shaped by the whole counsel of God.

Will you choose a thoroughly practical program?

At Westminster, scholarship exists only to serve the church. Every class is designed to strengthen your ministry. Although classes often will be rigorous as they engage numerous important topics, they all have far-reaching impact for ministry. The further you engage the depth of God’s Word, the more equipped you will be to lead His flock through the Word.