I'm Admitted!...Now What?

I'm Admitted!...Now What?

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Congratulations!  We are excited about your admission to Westminster! We realize that you may have several questions…


1. What is the deposit? There is a $100 deposit that confirms your plans to attend Westminster.  This deposit will be credited to your account and payable towards your tuition and fees. The deposit can be paid online, by cash, or by check. 

2. When do I register? Registration will occur during Orientation events. You will meet with your academic advisor prior to registration to ensure your program and course-related questions are answered! During Orientation, you will schedule an appointment with your advisor and with the registrar. This first semester will be the only time when you will register in person.  Subsequent registration will happen online. Further information about your online account will also be covered during Orientation.  

3. When and do I apply for financial aid?  Once you have been admitted, you can submit an application to the Financial Aid Office for scholarship and loan opportunities!  Be sure to research which scholarships (Westminster and outside) are available to you!   

4. When do I buy books, and what should I start reading?  The cheapest place to get books is through the Westminster Bookstore! Prior to the semester starting, a list of books for each course can be found on their website. This is a valuable resource that can also save you money! The links below are sample reading lists from course syllabuses for first year classes. Feel free to get started on the reading!  ST 101; AP 101; CH 211; PT 111.

5. How do I find housing? We have an exclusive housing website for admitted students. These postings are from individuals and families in the community who want Westminster students! Also, you can post your own situation and connect with fellow students to find Westminster roommates! You can also review the apartment complexes WTS students have lived in as well as use the local area realtors.  

6. When do I start languages and in which track?  To finish the MDiv in three years or to finish the MAR in two years, you must take a summer course in either Hebrew or Greek. If you are not concerned with finishing within that time frame you may also take a summer course, but it is not required. There are three semesters required for each language, and we offer two semesters of Hebrew in the summer and simultaneously we offer one semester of summer Greek. You have the following options for language tracking

 1st semester Greek            Summer      1st semester Greek      Fall 
 2nd semester Greek  Fall 2nd semester Greek           Winter 
 3rd semester Greek  Spring 3rd semester Greek  Spring

Or for Hebrew:

 1st semester Hebrew    Summer 1st semester Hebrew          Fall 
 2nd semester Hebrew        Summer    2nd semester Hebrew Winter     
 3rd semester Hebrew Fall 3rd semester Hebrew Spring

For those who have already studied some of either language and want to test out, see the Placement Exam section of the website.

7. Do I and where would I work during seminary?  It is all dependent on your specific situation. However, there are plenty of job opportunities in the community that students take advantage of: retail, security, church staff, etc. Also, you can review the opportunities posted by Student Affairs here.

We can't wait to see you here at Westminster!