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Sample Articles

Sample Articles

Sample Articles from Recent Issues of the
Westminster Theological Journal

Articles are available in PDF. To view, you will need a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Barker, William. “System Subscription.” Westminster Theological Journal 63 (2001): 1-14.

Carpenter, Craig B. “A Question of Union with Christ? Calvin and Trent on Justification.” Westminster Theological Journal 64 (2002): 363-86.

Edgar, William. "Beauty Avenged, Apologetics Enriched." Westminster Theological Journal 63 (2001): 107-22.

Jobes, Karen H. “Got Milk? Septuagint Psalm 33 and the Interpretation of 1 Peter 2:1-3.” Westminster Theological Journal 64 (2002): 1-14.

Kapic, Kelly M. "Receiving Christ's Priestly Benediction: A Biblical, Historical, and Theological Exploration of Luke 24:50-53." Westminster Theological Journal 67 (2005): 247-60.

Payne, Michael W. “Epistemological Crises, Dramatic Narratives, and Apologetics: The Ad Hominem Once More.” Westminster Theological Journal 64 (2002): 95-117.

Schnittjer, Gary Edward. “The Narrative Multiverse within the Universe of the Bible: The Question of ‘Borderlines’ and ‘Intertextuality.’” Westminster Theological Journal 64 (2002): 231-52.

Silva, Moises. "Abraham, Faith and Works: Paul's Use of Scripture in Galatians 3:6-14." Westminster Theological Journal 63 (2001): 257-67.


#7.  The Groves Center maintains the canonical version of the electronic representation of the best complete manuscript of the Hebrew Bible.
#3.  WTS students in 2007 are from 100 different denominations, 40 different countries, and every continent on earth!


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