'11 - '12 Catalog

'11 - '12 Catalog

2011 - 2012 Academic Catalog

Table of Contents

About Westminster  •  Student Life  •  Faculty  •  Academic Information
Degree Programs  •  Course Descriptions  •  Financial Information
Academic Calendar  •  Directions  •  Index

About Westminster

Our Mission and Vision

Core Values

Our Curriculum

History and Government

Growing in Grace at Westminster

The Honor System


Location and Facilities

Campus Map

Distinctive Academic Resources

Affiliated Institutions


Board of Trustees

 Student Life


Student Organizations

Westminster Bookstore


Academic Information

General Requirements for Admission to All Programs


Application Deadlines

Special Needs

Non-Native English Speakers (TOEFL and TWE)
International Students
Notification of Admission
Advance Deposit 

Registrar's Office


General Registration Information

Students' Rights of Privacy and Access to Records


Academic Standing

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Academic Probation

Adding and/or Dropping Courses

Withdrawing from Courses

Course Prerequisites

Final Examinations

Incomplete Requests (Extension for Completion of Course Requirements)

Changing Program or Emphasis

Leave of Absence


Special Students

Transfer of Credit


Transcript Request

Academic Affairs

Graduating In Absentia

Knowledge of the English Bible

Theological Writing Standards

Academic Policy for Dallas Westminster Students

Certificate in Christian Studies

Certificate in Biblical and Urban Studies

Distance Education

Independent Study Courses

Holy Land Studies


Degree Programs

General Requirements for the M.Div. and M.A.R. Degrees

 Placement in Greek and Hebrew

Master of Divinity

M.Div. Program Length and Time Limit

Mentored Ministry

M.Div. Requirements

M.Div. Pastoral Ministry three and four year tracks

M.Div. General Ministries, General Studies Emphasis three and four year tracks

M.Div. General Ministries, Counseling Emphasis three and four year tracks

M.Div. General Ministries, Urban Mission Emphasis three and four year tracks

 Master of Arts (Religion)

M.A.R. Program Length and Time Limit

M.A.R Requirements

Summative Evaluation Experience

M.A.R. Biblical Studies Emphasis

M.A.R. General Studies Emphasis

M.A.R. Theological Studies Emphasis

M.A.R. Urban Mission Emphasis

 Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling

M.A.B.C. Program Length and Time Limit

Program Requirements


Mentored Ministry

Master of Arts in Urban Mission

   M.A.U.M. Program Length and Time Limit

            Program Requirements

Master of Theology

 Th.M. Admissions

Th.M. Registration

Th.M. Requirements

Th.M. Time Limit 

London Program

Doctor of Ministry

 D.Min. Admissions

D.Min. Registration

D.Min. Degree Requirements

D.Min. Pastoral Ministry Concentration

D.Min. Counseling Concentration

D.Min. Urban Mission Concentration

Doctor of Philosophy

 Ph.D. Admissions

Ph.D. Registration

Ph.D. Requirements

Ph.D. Time Limit

Ph.D. in Hermeneutics and Biblical Interpretation

Ph.D. in Historical and Theological Studies

 Course Descriptions

Old Testament

New Testament

Church History

Systematic Theology


Practical Theology

DMin Modules

Financial Information

Tuition and Special Fees

Financial Aid

Academic Calendar

(The updated version of the Academic Calendar can be found on the website, at the link above)