A Stained Glass Copy

A Stained Glass Copy

From Professor Woolley to Westminster Theological Seminary...

The stained glass copy of the Westminster seal was made by the Willet Stained Glass Studios. Murray Forst Thompson, one of Westminster's early trustees, was married to Elizabeth (Willet) Thompson, and she assisted in making the stained glass copy of the seal.  The Thompsons were good friends of Westminster church history Professor Paul Woolley (1902-1984).

The seal was presented to Professor Woolley as a gift, and hung in his office at Westminster from the 1930's until the 1970's.  When he retired, Dr. Woolley took the seal with him and hung it in his home office.

Upon his death in 1984, Professor Woolley’s sons inherited the copy of the seal, and they gave it to the seminary. Since that  time the copy of the seal has belonged  to the seminary, and it currently hangs  in the  office of  the President.


#6.  In 2006  Westminster faculty wrote and edited 11 books and 50 articles
#3.  WTS students in 2007 are from 100 different denominations, 40 different countries, and every continent on earth!



"God has used surprising tools to advance His Kingdom. Some of the more famous are Moses’ staff, Jael’s nail, David’s sling, and the child’s lunch. Each of these were used to point to Christ, to advance God’s Kingdom, to train God’s people, and to reach the world – just like Westminster Seminary!"