Administrative Directors

Administrative Directors

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Leslie H. Altena, Ph. D.

Director of the
Center for Theological Writing
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Jonathan Brack

Jonathan M. Brack, M. Div.

Director of Admissions

Rebecca S. Cordner, B.S.

Rebecca Cordner

Fiona Davenport

Fiona E. Davenport, M. S.

Finacial Aid Officer

Melinda E. G. Dugan, M.Div.


Melinda Dugan

Sandy Finlayson

Alexander (Sandy) Finlayson,
M.L.S.,  M.T.S.

Director of Library Services

Andrew R. Goodman, M.Div.

chief of Staff, Office of
The Provost
Andrew Goodman

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John Kim, M.Div.

Development Manager

Rebecca M. Lippert, M.Ed.

Associate dean for Academic Affairs
Becky Lippert

Rich Mainshein

Richard W. Maienshein

Physical Plant Manager

Judy L. Mellen, B.S., C.P.A.

Accounting Manager

Judy Mellen

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Jason S. Peterson, M.Div.

Development Manager

Cris R. Simpson, III, B.CmpE., M.Div.

Information Systems Director

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#8.  The Montgomery Library contains over 140,000 volumes and regularly receives over 700 periodicals.
#5.  88% of 2006 M.Div. grads held ordination as their ministry goal!



"God has used surprising tools to advance His Kingdom. Some of the more famous are Moses’ staff, Jael’s nail, David’s sling, and the child’s lunch. Each of these were used to point to Christ, to advance God’s Kingdom, to train God’s people, and to reach the world – just like Westminster Seminary!"