Edmund P. Clowney

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Born: July 30, 1917
Died: March 20, 2005

Wheaton College (B.A., 1939)
Westminster (Th.B., 1942)
Yale University (S.T.M., 1944)

Minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 1942-1984
Minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, 1984 until his death
Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster, 1942-1982
President, Westminster, 1966-1982
Adjunct Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California, 1982-2000

Representative Books
Eutychus (and His Pin) (1960)
Preaching and Biblical Theology (1961)
Called to the Ministry
CM* Christian Meditation (1979)
First Peter: The Way of the Cross
The Unfolding Mystery
The Church
Preaching Christ in all of Scripture (2003)
How JesusTransforms the Ten Commandments (2007, published posthumously)

D.D., Wheaton College
Festschrift, Practical Theology and the Ministry of the Church (1990)


#7.  The Groves Center maintains the canonical version of the electronic representation of the best complete manuscript of the Hebrew Bible.
#2.  Westminster alumni serve as presidents or academic deans of seminaries and Bible colleges around the world.



"God has used surprising tools to advance His Kingdom. Some of the more famous are Moses’ staff, Jael’s nail, David’s sling, and the child’s lunch. Each of these were used to point to Christ, to advance God’s Kingdom, to train God’s people, and to reach the world – just like Westminster Seminary!"