Notable Former Professors

Notable Former Professors

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Edward J. Young, 1907-1968
Old Testament, 1936-1968 

John Skilton, 1906-1998
New Testament 1939-1997

Meredith Kline, 1922-2007
Old Testament 1948-1977

Robert Knudsen, 1924-2000
Apologetics 1955-1995

Raymond Dillard, 1944-1993
Old Testament, 1971-1993

C. John (Jack) Miller, 1928-1996
Practical Theology 1966-1975

Harvie Conn, 1933-1999
Missions, 1972-1998



#1.  5,962 alumni currently serve in 66 nations as pastors, professors, evangelists, social workers, counselors, Bible translators and in other professional fields!
#3.  WTS students in 2007 are from 100 different denominations, 40 different countries, and every continent on earth!



"God has used surprising tools to advance His Kingdom. Some of the more famous are Moses’ staff, Jael’s nail, David’s sling, and the child’s lunch. Each of these were used to point to Christ, to advance God’s Kingdom, to train God’s people, and to reach the world – just like Westminster Seminary!"