9.6 Special and "Named"...

9.6 Special and "Named" Scholarships

Westminster administers several specially funded scholarships, many of which have been established by friends of the Seminary. Financial assistance is awarded either from the institutional budget or from monies provided by donors based on recommendations from the Scholarship Committee and is for tuition only, unless otherwise noted. Specific criteria, additional submission requirements and availability of these special awards for the 2013-2014 academic year are posted on the seminary’s website.

9.6.a Applying for a special or “named” scholarship:

Students should follow the instructions under the appropriate U.S. and Canadian or International Students category and consult the website for additional requirements.

9.6.b A listing of the special “named” scholarships are as follows:

The Church Partnership Award, a merit-based scholarship established and funded by Westminster, is for part-time as well as full-time U.S. and Canadian students in the M.Div., M.A.R. and M.A.C./M.A.U.M. programs who receive financial support from their home church or denominational organization and who may not be eligible for other Westminster scholarships. Westminster matches the church’s or denominational organization’s support for fall and spring semesters only, up to a maximum of 33% of tuition with a limit of 15 credits in a given semester.

The Lynn A. and Carol E. Dolan International Scholarship was established in 2007 to benefit international students in the M.Div. program who aspire to return to their country of origin to serve the church in some capacity, preferably as a pastor. This scholarship may be awarded as part of an International Scholarship or as an independent award.

The John and Karen Furry Scholarship for International students was established by Karen Furry in 2013 in loving memory of her husband John, a gentle, humorous, thankful man and a powerfully converted 70’s hedonist, who was certain by his last days in a bout with leukemia that “all things work together for good to them that love God” (Rom. 8:28). This scholarship is intended to aid international students in the MDiv program in their pursuit of scholarly preparation for ministry in their home countries. It may be awarded as part of an International Scholarship or as an independent award.

The Huff Science Scholarship, established in 2010, is a competitive, non-need based full-tuition scholarship for entering (first-year) students in the Ph.D. (in Historical and Theological Studies, with focus in Apologetics), M.Div. (General or Pastoral emphasis preferred) or Certificate (in Christian Studies) programs who 1) hold at least a Bachelor's degree in mathematics, the natural/physical sciences (e.g. Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Physics), computer science or engineering, 2) are interested in studying science and apologetics, 3) desire to communicate the fruits of study to fellow Christians and in the public square in whatever ministry or career path taken after graduation, and 4) intends to study full-time (preferred). 

The Leadership Development Scholarship Award is a full tuition scholarship established and funded by Westminster, to provide seminary training for promising students who have 1) demonstrated leadership in an urban church from a historically non-reformed tradition, 2) are supportive of the reformed faith, and 3) who intend to pursue full-time pastoral ministry. Academic merit will be a weighted aspect of the award. A maximum of three students hold this award at any given time.

The Walter and Helen Lee Memorial Scholarship Fund allows for the annual presentation of one full or two half-tuition scholarships for a full time student(s) from Southeast Asia or China, regardless of their country of ministry following graduation. Preference is given to students pursuing an M.Div. degree or higher.

The Loman Chen Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2011 by David Chen, a Westminster graduate, in memory of his mother Loman Chen.  The scholarship will provide two $5,000 awards each academic year to students who 1) intend to minister in Taiwan upon graduation, 2) have a Taiwanese background (including Taiwanese Americans) and 3) demonstrate financial need.  Preference will be given to full-time students pursuing an M.Div., but part-time students and those enrolled in other programs may also be eligible.  Students awarded this scholarship must maintain a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.0. A maximum of two students will hold this award at any given time.

The Mainland China Scholarship (renewed annually) was established in 1999 by Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA), Tampa, to provide tuition funding for full-time international students from China in the M.Div. program of study. The amount of this award is $10,000.  A maximum of two students hold this award at any given time.

Income from the Mephibosheth Endowed Scholarship Fund, established by the late Peter DeKorte of Hawthorne, New Jersey, is used to provide scholarships to students who have physical/sensory disabilities. Mr. DeKorte, a successful businessman who had a disability, established this scholarship fund out of gratitude to God for all he had done for him. He felt that he wanted to share some of the blessings he had received from our loving God. He named this the Mephibosheth Endowed Scholarship Fund since “he too had dined at the King’s table” (2 Samuel 9:13). 

The Psalm 90 Scholarship was established in memory of Buddy Stride, who was killed in a tragic automobile accident while a Ph.D. student at Westminster. This scholarship fund is for tuition for a scholar from France with a clear commitment to the Reformed faith and who lacks sufficient funds to pay tuition. 

The Reformed University Fellowship Intern (RUF) Scholarship is a non-need based full tuition scholarship established and funded by Westminster to provide seminary training for entering M.Div. and  M.A.R. students who are current or former RUF interns and who intend to pursue RUF ministry upon graduation. Up to fifteen new scholarships are awarded annually. Interested students should contact the Admissions office at admissions@wts.edu.

The Joseph F. Ryan Scholarship Fund has been established to benefit students in the M.Div. program who have demonstrated financial need and who intend to go into gospel ministry. It is a full tuition scholarship. 

The purpose of the George D. Sinclair Scholarship is to propagate and defend, in its genuineness, simplicity, and fullness, that system of religious belief and practice which is set forth in the Confession of Faith and Catechisms of the Presbyterian Church of America in the form they possessed in 1936 and as stated in the charter granted to Westminster Theological Seminary on March 31, 1930, under an Act of the Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This fund provides tuition scholarships for M.Div. students preparing for service in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) or Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). This award is need-based and will be awarded by the Scholarship Committee for 50 percent of tuition for a fixed 12 credit course load for fall and spring semesters only for a maximum total award of 50% tuition for 24 credits per academic year tuition. The student must be full-time from the point when the scholarship begins, have a GPA of at least 3.0, and maintain that GPA throughout the student’s career. Approximately nine awards are made annually. Receipt of a Sinclair Scholarship will supersede the M.Div. Ministry Scholarship award. In addition to the basic application requirements for U.S. and Canadian students, an applicant must 1) sign a statement of subscription to the Westminster Standards, using the same pledge that is required of voting faculty members of the Seminary, and re-subscribe annually as long as the applicant receives this award (copies of the Westminster Standards are available from the Admissions Office. A Statement of Subscription form is available on the Westminster website or from the Financial Aid Office); 2) Provide evidence of “under care” status in a PCA or OPC presbytery, generally in the form of a letter from the stated clerk of presbytery. 

The George D. Sinclair Scholar Award is a competitive non-need based award made to an applicant to the M.Div. program at Westminster who commits to seek ordination in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) or the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC). The initial award is for $10,000 for the first year of tuition expenses. Upon successfully coming under care of a PCA or OPC presbytery, the recipient of the award will qualify to apply for a George Sinclair Scholarship, or Westminster’s M.Div. Ministry Scholarship. Requirements to qualify for the award are: 1) application to the M.Div. program; 2) College GPA of 3.5 or higher; 3) letter of reference from a PCA or OPC ruling or teaching elder; 4) essay on hopes for ministry in the church as a pastor, teacher, missionary, or evangelist in the PCA or OPC (2 pages, double-spaced); 5) signed statement of subscription to the Westminster Standards, using the same pledge that is required of voting faculty members of the Seminary. (A Statement of Subscription form is available on the Westminster website or from the Financial Aid Office). 

The Vosbigian Scholarship, established in 2011 in honor of the late John and Edna Vosbigian, is a merit-based full tuition scholarship with $2,500 stipend.  It is awarded each year to two entering Ph.D. students pursuing full-time study.  One scholarship is awarded by invitation only in each Ph.D. area.  No applications or petitions for this scholarship will be considered. Ph.D. students awarded this scholarship are required to notify the Financial Aid Office of their intention to continue in the program each successive year that they are enrolled by submitting a Statement of Intent form.  Deadline to submit this form is February 1 for the following academic year. 

The purpose of the UK Scholarship is to provide seminary training in the Reformed tradition to students wishing to pursue ordained pastoral ministry in a reformed Presbyterian church in the United Kingdom.

This scholarship, which covers up to 50 percent of tuition of a fixed 12 credit course load for fall and spring semesters only for a maximum total award of 50 percent of tuition for 24 credits per academic year, is available for a full timeM.Div. or M.A.R. (Biblical studies preferred) International student from the UK who 1) desires to return to the UK, upon degree completion to take up an ordained position in a Presbyterian church that is in line with the Historic and Reformed faith, 2) is a member in good standing of a Presbyterian church, 3) has an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher and 4) subscribes to the Westminster Standards. Students awarded this scholarship must maintain a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.0.  One student may hold this award at any time.

The Westminster Seminary Patricia Comber Scholarship was established in 2012 as a memorial to Patty Comber, who faithfully served women students at Westminster for many years.  One scholarship will be awarded by the scholarship committee to a female student beyond her first year who maintains a minimum GPA of 3.0.