9.1 Scholarships - General...

9.1 Scholarships - General Information

Westminster maintains a policy of holding the expense of theological education to a minimum for the student, and of requesting the student to meet this expense from his or her own resources. Charges for tuition and other fees reflect only a portion of the cost (approximately 50 percent) of providing this education. Nevertheless, in order that students might not be prevented from receiving a theological education for financial reasons, the Seminary endeavors to provide scholarships for those whose circumstances require it. Grants for scholarships are taken from either the institutional budget of the Seminary or funds established by friends of Westminster. Scholarships cover tuition costs only, unless otherwise indicated.

9.1.a Applying for Scholarships:

Subject to other eligibility requirements, and unless otherwise noted, full-time students enrolled in the M.Div., M.A.R. and M.A.C./M.A.U.M. programs may apply for a scholarship. The Church Partnership Award and the Loman Chen Memorial Scholarship Fund allow part-time students to apply and the Spouse Scholarship allows part-time and Certificate students to apply. The Huff Science scholarship is also available to certificate students. (For more details, please see the individual scholarship sections.) There are a few Special and "Named" scholarships to which Th.M. and Ph.D. students can apply. There are no Special and “Named” scholarships for D.Min. students. (Please see the Scholarships for Students in Advanced Degree Programs section). Application forms are available through the Financial Aid Office or on the Financial Aid webpages) and are submitted to the Financial Aid Office.

9.1.b Awarding of Scholarships:

Awards for the following academic year will be made no earlier than four to six weeks after the application deadline. Applicants will be notified by letter whether or not they have been awarded a scholarship. Recipients of all scholarships will be required to accept the award in writing (by email or letter) by the date indicated on the award letter and, given the sensitive nature of scholarship availability and funding, they will also be required to abide by an agreement of confidentiality. Before any funds are disbursed to them, scholarship recipients will be required to provide evidence that they are matriculated as students in an appropriate program of study. Scholarships will only be applied to cover the cost of courses required for the degree program in which the scholarship recipient is enrolled.

Unless otherwise noted, the awarding of scholarships is based on financial need. In determining a student’s need, items that will not be considered allowable expenses include: maternity costs; support of relatives other than spouse and children of the applicant; school tuition or other school expenses for spouse or other dependents of the applicant. For U.S. citizens and permanent residents, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) results are considered when determining a student’s need. For some special and “named’ scholarships, merit and academic standing is also a consideration. Students who are awarded a scholarship and who have subsequently had tuition covered through other means will have their Westminster provided scholarship removed or the awarded amount adjusted. Aid received by the Finance Office on behalf of a student, which is designated solely for non-tuition expenses, will not influence the amount of any scholarship awarded to Westminster. For more information about how Westminster scholarships are applied to student accounts please see Section 8.5.

Except for rare cases, each recipient is awarded only one scholarship, regardless of the number of scholarships for which he or she applied. The scholarship is awarded once a year for a one-year period only (except for “Spring Semester Only” awards (General and M.Div. Ministry scholarships only).  Students who have been awarded scholarships for a given academic year must reapply for scholarships each successive academic year they plan to be are enrolled.

Students participating in the Tuition-Work Program, who have also been awarded a Westminster scholarship, will have tuition credit applied to their student account after their Westminster scholarship. Any tuition credit not applied to a student’s account in one period of enrollment will be credited to eligible future term(s). For more detailed information, please see the Tuition-Work Program webpage and Section 8.6.

Each academic year commences in June with the summer term and is completed the following May at the end of the spring semester.  The summer may be considered as a whole in terms of aid, or as individual monthly modules.  The winter term (Module 1) and the spring semester (Module 2) are considered together as the spring semester.  Any reference to the spring semester assumes that the winter term is included.  For more details, please see section 9.12.b “Periods of Enrollment”.

9.1.c Outside scholarships:

Westminster periodically receives information about scholarships offered by outside organizations. These scholarships will be advertised via the Philadelphia campus Financial Aid bulletin board and/or on the Westminster website.