6.10 Doctor of Ministry
6.10.1 Admission to the
6.10.2 Registration
6.10.3 Degree Requirements
6.10.4 D.Min. Program Le...

6.10.4 D.Min. Program Length and Time Limit

To be awarded the D.Min. degree, a student must complete eight week-long modules of course work or the equivalent, and complete an Applied Research Project. The course work is designed to meet the needs of busy ministry professionals. As such, students enrolled in the D.Min. program are considered to be engaged in part-time study, with a “less than half-time” enrollment status.

The entire D.Min. degree program requires no fewer than three years to complete and will commence in August. The eight modules should be completed in the first four years. The research project should be submitted no later than November 15 of the sixth year of the program.

Students whose programs continue into a fourth year will be charged a continuation fee for that year and any additional approved years.

Time Limit: After six years in the program, the student should have completed all requirements. (Please refer to the Program Length table below).  Ordinarily study extensions are not granted beyond the six-year limit.

D.Min Program Length
Number of
years in
Number of credits
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Su/Fa Wi/Sp Su/Fa Wi/Sp Su/Fa Wi/Sp Su/Fa Wi/Sp Su/Fa Wi/Sp Su/Fa Wi/Sp
5-yrs. 30 9 0 9 0 6, PA PR PR PR PR PROJ (6)

6-yrs. 30 9 0 9 0 6, PA PR PR PR PR PR PR PROJ (6)

PA: Applied Research Project Approval
PR: Applied Research Project Research
PROJ: Applied Research Project
Su/Fa: Summer/Fall
Wi/Sp: Winter/Spring