8.5 Financial Aid
8.5.1 Scholarships -
General Information
8.5.2 Scholarships for US
and Canadian students
8.5.3 Scholarships for
International Students
8.5.4Scholarships for
Students in Advanced Degree
8.5.5 Spouse Scholarship
8.5.6 Special and "Named"
8.5.7 Scholarship
Application Submission
8.5.8 Scholarship Funds
8.5.9 Fellowships
8.5.10 Prizes
8.5.11 GI Bill Benefits
8.5.12 Government Loans
8.5.13 Alternative
Education Loans

8.5.11 GI Bill Benefits

Westminster participates in the GI Bill Benefits program. Students should refer to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website (www.gibill.va.gov) for eligibility requirements. In order to receive benefit payments, all eligible students must first contact Westminster’s certifying official in the Financial Aid Office. Note: Students who receive a Westminster scholarship and GI benefits, will forfeit their scholarship should their tuition be paid by VA benefits.