6.11 Doctor of Philosophy
6.11.1 Admission to the
6.11.2 Registration
6.11.3 Degree Requirements
6.11.4 Hermeneutics and
Biblical Interpretation
6.11.5 Historical and
Theological Studies

6.11.2 Registration

See section 5.2 (Registrar's Office) for registration and other Registrar related academic policies.

On registration day for doctoral students, the student will be assigned an academic advisor by the Field Committee, who will advise the student regarding the program of study throughout the period of residence. The entire program must achieve an appropriate balance between specialization and breadth, and the student must receive the academic advisor’s approval for courses taken each semester. See the course work requirements for each field in sections 6.11.4.a and 6.11.5.a for further information on course requirements. See also Westminster's transfer of credit policy in section 5.2.3.d.

Each candidate must indicate continuation in the program by registering at the beginning of each semester. In each semester in which no new course work is taken, candidacy is maintained by registering and paying a continuation fee. This fee is due September 1 for the fall semester and February 1 for the spring semester. Failure to register and pay in a given semester will automatically remove the student from the program.

Students wishing to be reinstated to the program must appeal to the Field Committee for reinstatement. Students are responsible to report to the Registrar when actions have been taken to meet deadlines in their program.