5.5 Special Students

5.5 Special Students

A student not seeking to earn a degree from Westminster may register for courses as a Special Student. Students from other seminaries or graduate schools may also take courses as special students for transfer back to their institutions. To be admitted to Westminster as a Special Student, please see section 5.1 General Requirements for Admission. The following items must be forwarded to the Office of Admissions:

  1. A completed Special Student application form
  2. Application fee (see section 8.3.c
  3. A completed Church Reference form 
  4. Evidence of having earned a baccalaureate degree (copy of transcript or diploma) 
  5. Students whose native language is not English need to meet the same TOEFL and TWE requirements listed in section 5.1.1.

Deadlines and late fees for Special Student applications are the same as for applications to regular programs. Applicants will be notified promptly as to their admission by letter from the Director of Admissions.

Special Student status permits the student to register for courses for the equivalent of one academic year only. To continue studies beyond this period, admission to a regular degree program of the Seminary is required.

Financial Aid is not available to Special Students, and in most cases international students cannot be granted visas as Special Students.